Mr. E/Mystery

My name is Ed Slingerland, married to Danielle, 2 sons (Michael & Colin), 3 kittens (Cedarwood, Blue Tansi & Ginger), 1 old cat (Violet) and 1 Labradoodle (Franki(nsence).

I left my job for the University Medical Center Amsterdam (AMC & VUmc) in 2017 and since then I run our company (Oiled By Nature) together with Danielle in which we advise people about the use of pure essential oils to support their health (and that of their children or pets) in a natural way.

I have several hobbies and passions; for instance I really like Baseball… In a lot of ways: I love to watch the games of my son, I like to watch MLB/Minor League games, I score the games of my son’s team, I collect baseball caps, I collect baseball uniforms, I collect baseball cards for as long as I can remember, I stopped coaching club-teams 2 years ago, but I still coach Little League every year. And I have a huge baseball project I run for the Young Living Foundation called “Baseball 4 Ecuador“. Look us up on this link or find us on Facebook.

Another addiction, I’ve been saving vinyl since I was 3 or 4 years old… Very disrespectful, but my first single (MUD-DYNAMITE) I bought at Concerto (Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam), where we used to live “around the corner”. Since then I’ve moved, but I always keep buying records. At the moment I think I own about 10.000 records and CD’s. Mainly records from the 80’s; the end of the disco, the glory days of Hip-hop, R&B, Swingbeat, New Jack Swing, the beginning of the House…

I like or love a great deal of music, there is very little I dislike, but within music I have 3 great loves:

KISS, which I was introduced to by my cousin Vincent, who had a great Live LP of them… Since then, I’ve bought all of their LPs/CDs. Several times we went to a concert of the guys and we even took our boys to a concert once, where they just fell asleep halfway through…

The other big one is PRINCE… Prince came in response to Jimi Hendrix, Hendrix came in response to Heavy Metal, and Heavy Metal came in response to KISS….
Prince was a complete all-rounder, played all his music himself, produced it and was also a SEXY MOTHERFUCKER! I have about 100 of Prince’s sound carriers: LP’s, CD’s, Singles, Maxi’s. Of each concert I’ve seen of him, and there have been quite a few, I have a CD (oh, is that allowed? YES, as a fan you have everything anyway)!

My last preference in music is: RAP, or rather HIP-HOP, because it’s not only about the lyrics, but also about the beats and the scratches, the grafitti, the breakdance… The whole culture! Rap started somewhere in the 70’s, but I came into contact with it in the early 80’s. During summer swimming in the Sloterparkbad with a whole group, and those guys brought fat beats! Although I was still very much into the “HEAVY” music at the time, I liked the combination of Rock & Rap (RUN-DMC, LL Cool J, Whodini) very much. Actually a lot of rock-albums should be re-recorded with Hip-hop producers… So that the beat would come much more to the front… ANYWAYZ! That’s why my collection of records consists mainly of HipHop.

And when you collect stuff, sometimes you buy some doubles, and what do you do with your doubles???????? I started selling them. I started selling my records on the internet in 2014 and it’s fun so far. I make people happy with my spare vinyl!!! And I make myself happy in return, because I use the money I receive to buy other records of my “Wishlist” 😉

SO… Are you looking for a specific vinyl and you don’t want to overpay for it? Feel free to browse around and can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Just ask me… I have (my wife doesn’t know) a couple of boxes in the garage as well! Use the contact form.