Network Marketing

Ultimate freedom by becoming a distributor for Young Living!

We are Danielle and Ed, owners of Oiled by Nature.
Our positive experiences with the products of Young Living have made us want to pass on this enthusiasm to others. Although we started small, we have both been able to quit our regular jobs and we are now working full time with Oiled by Nature. Does this sound like music to your ears? Then we would like to tell you more about our experiences and about how you can also become a distributor!

Our story in a nutshell

For years we have been looking for ways to live without chemicals. The essential oils of Young Living came on our way. In that period we ourselves were in a difficult situation in terms of work and income. We decided to buy the Young Living Premium Starter Kit and we were, frankly, sold right away. The effect was felt in all areas where it didn’t work out very well. We were looking for a way to share our top experience with others. Then we found ourselves on the path of network marketing within Young Living.

We started small, next to our regular jobs. After just 8 months Danielle was able to quit her job and since December 2017 Ed is also working full-time with Oiled by Nature. And it’s already a priceless adventure!

A dream life

Since the start of Oiled by Nature we have been able to help many people. Not only do we help our clients with the finest Young Living products on a daily basis, but we have also been able to coach many team members to achieve the same good results. And to top it all off, we have also been able to make some wonderful trips. We now live a free, adventurous life and would never want to see it any other way.

Ready for a new challenge?

If you want to become a distributor for Young Living, you work according to the system of network marketing. This means that as a wellness professional you will start spreading enthusiasm about Young Living. We experience Network Marketing as very accessible and mild. There is no question of cold acquisition and there is plenty of time and space to provide your customers with comprehensive information. After all, you determine your own hours!

Is there an entrepreneur within you, do you value a natural lifestyle and do you want to decide for yourself when, where and for how long you work? Then becoming a distributor for Young Living is something for you! You can carry out this work in addition to your current job, but also on a full-time basis. It’s up to you. We support you with intensive guidance and our free business mentoring, so you can really design your own business. We look forward to welcoming you to the fastest growing team in Europe!

Want to know more? We would love to talk to you. Leave your details in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible, and who knows, you may soon be our colleague!

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